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Fort Smith, Arkansas


Greetings friends. 

Thanks for taking time to stop by and look at my portfolio. I am currently finishing up my bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. I plan on graduating May 2014. Design is my passion. I have recently developed a love for photography, as well. Feel free to get in touch with me if you are in need of anything creative! I look forward to creating with you.


Story Hill Church


Story Hill Church

Iā€™m the Creative Arts Coordinator at Story Hill Church and was given the opportunity to create our brand from scratch. The logo includes a topographical icon, which actually showcases the topography of the campus at KU. It has been so amazing to see the brand come together with all the different materials I designed before we launched in August 2018.

logo mark

This secondary mark was created as an optional logo that used our location. It works great for our circular stickers and social media profile pictures.


The brand consists of: indoor + outdoor signage (retractable banners, pop-up wall, tablecloths, flags, posters, and A-frame signs), clothing (sweatshirts, zip-ups, and t-shirts), weekly bulletins, online presence (Instagram, Facebook & Twitter), website design, promotional materials (lanyards, stickers, pens, coffee cup sleeves), digital designs (announcements slides, sermon series branding), videography and photography.


connecting your story to the story of god.


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