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Bare with me, I can get a little passionate…

We live in a world that is centered around connecting digitally, but it tends to actually do the opposite…disconnect us. Once you put your phone down, do you desire a relationship? Wether that is a significant other or a best friend, we were designed for closeness with others. We aren’t meant to do life alone. It’s easy to feel alone during the transition to the working world after college or for those who never lived the college life. Young adults need a space to physically engage with others in their community. I believe there is a beautiful way we can bridge the gap. This is a group for young {post–grad} adults who are looking for friendships; for somewhere to belong.

[ And it wouldn’t be the big picture without a dream to SEGUE in all the major cities in the United States. ]

The Inspiration

During my 29 years, I’ve met a lot of people, had a lot of conversations and a lot of them revolve around a common theme – feeling happy/satisfied. These friends literally live all over the United States and I’m lucky enough to know their stories. We’ve talked about career, family, love, friends…you name it. I like to get to the bottom of things and see how my friends are truly doing. Each person comes with their own joys and troubles, but the desire to feel happy in life is universal.

I love looking at this small collection of photos that I’ve taken over the years and thinking about each of them, how they’ve impacted my life, the joy that they’ve brought me in their own ways. This is something I desire for everyone to have in life. I have a passion for gathering people so they can take a chance at having an amazing, authentic community of people to do life with like I have.

[ Look at those faces above. I’m amazed that I get to call these people my friends. ]







Friday, July 26 / Cause Coffee


Friday, August 23 / Jungle House


I grew up in small-town Arkansas, went to college for Graphic Design at The University of Arkansas – Fort Smith and had an amazing group of friends during my time there. Once I graduated college, I moved to a new town for a job. Even though it was only an hour away from home, I knew I needed friends in my new city. I had a huge desire for friendships with people who were in the same stage of life. I quickly realized there wasn’t really a good place for me to go to find friends. I was in church, but the young adult demographic was lacking, to say the least. I’m a very extroverted person…the type of person who goes to concerts alone or intentionally sit alone at a coffee shop to make new friends. I mean, I was pretty desperate! After a year, I finally found a group of girls who quickly became “my people” in Fayetteville. We need that, don’t we? People we can go to for anything, the ones we can just do life with. I was lucky to have found that group of girls, but man…it took A LOT of effort to find them. You ask people where they go to meet new people and here are a few responses: church, bars, coffee shops, concerts. My response to them is this: people are desperate to find someone to experience those things with, so they don’t typically go alone. And if they do, for instance, go to a coffee shop alone, once they get there people are most likely working with headphones in, not really positioning themselves to meet new people.

So, what if there was a place we could go where the intention was to actually meet someone new? Male or female, no degree necessary. Just show up. Be you. Meet someone new. You might just meet your next best friend.

Does this sound like something you wanna be a part of? Sign up below to receive updates about upcoming events. SEGUE meets once a month for a large group gathering and there are other hangout options as well for those who can’t make the group event.

Let’s SEGUE together!


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