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Google X Unsplash

Google X Unsplash

On October 5, 2017 I got an email that shook things up a bit in my career! Unsplash reached out to let me know that Google had chosen 9 photographers to collaborate with for a project marketing their Chromebook. I was shocked, to say the least! The photographers that were chosen are extremely talented and creatives who I personally look up to. I was honored to be amongst them. Google ended up approving 6/9 proposals...and I was one of them! The Chromebooks were shipped and we got to work, creating images for them that portrayed Travel, Productivity, and Creativity. We had complete creative freedom on this project and let me tell you, it was an amazing opportunity! I had done photoshoots for other large companies, but never one who let us be in total control. 

I was living in Iowa at the time, so I grabbed a few friends and we had the best day shooting in downtown Des Moines. Huge shoutout to The Hall DSM and Horizon Line Coffee for allowing us to invade their space! I am so happy with how the images turned out. Here are a few that Google chose as their favorites. 

Models  |  Bingyue Wei  •  Ashia Healy  •  Davis Patton  •  Trish Myers  •  Joanna Grammer  •  Madi Jeno  •  Julie Toscano  •  Gage Eller
Locations  |  Horizon Line Coffee  •  The Hall DSM